Wintry Reads

Wintry Reads, Winter Book List, Humility and Doxology

Here in North Carolina, the weather in February is always a surprise.  One day we’ll have a balmy, spring-like day.  The next, we’re shivering inside our sweaters!  Last week we soaked up as much sun as possible because we knew gloomy, chilly days were coming. Whether you’re shivering in extended sub-zero temps or surfing on … Continue reading Wintry Reads


3 Myths About Extrovert Moms

3 extrovert mom myths, personality types, Humility and Doxology

Internet meme and stereotype culture has met up with the popular fascination with personality types.  Introverts, extroverts, ambiverts…there’s sure to be a meme with your name on it! While many of these make me laugh, there are a few myths about my fellow extrovert mamas that I think need to be addressed. Plus, a Homeschool Extrovert Mom Party: and you're invited!