“According to the flesh”- Romans 8:1-4

What do you typically associate with walking “according to the flesh”?  Do you primarily think of external sin and temptation?  Fleshly desires?  Bad theology? Morally corrupt allurements? Sins that “other people” commit? How might you be thinking according to the flesh in your daily life?


7 Steps to an Easy Big-Picture Homeschool Plan: Simplicity, Freedom, Flexibility, and Orderly Structure

homeschool planning simplicity freedom flexibility discipline self-control

What if I told you that there was a way to incorporate freedom into homeschool planning?  A way to blend flexibility and a well-ordered day? Big-Picture Planning gives me the ability to craft weekly assignment lists for the kids (and myself) without having to type out any lesson plans, write out lists of page numbers, or feel bound by dates on the calendar!