3 Myths About Extrovert Moms

3 extrovert mom myths, personality types, Humility and Doxology

Internet meme and stereotype culture has met up with the popular fascination with personality types.  Introverts, extroverts, ambiverts…there’s sure to be a meme with your name on it! While many of these make me laugh, there are a few myths about my fellow extrovert mamas that I think need to be addressed. Plus, a Homeschool Extrovert Mom Party: and you're invited!


17 Picture Books You Don’t Want to Miss

Picture Books You Don't Want to Miss

Our family loves curling up together with a good book, and no one considers themselves too old for a beautiful picture book.  Watch the video and check the list below for some of the picture books we are loving lately.  You won't want to miss these titles!

Easy Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Easy Thanksgiving Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Looking for some simple, fun Thanksgiving crafts and hands-on activity ideas for your children? Here are 4 Thanksgiving activities that are not only fun at home with the kids, but are also easy to bring on the road as you join family and friends at holiday celebrations. Get the whole family, young and old, involved … Continue reading Easy Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family