He said/She said: a Dad’s and Mom’s Perspectives on Homeschooling

Dad. Mom. Homeschooling. Family. Advice.

What if you asked a Dad and a Mom the same series of questions about their homeschooling?  Would their perspectives be similar or different?  And what do they wish they'd known before they started?


7 Steps to an Easy Big-Picture Homeschool Plan: Simplicity, Freedom, Flexibility, and Orderly Structure

homeschool planning simplicity freedom flexibility discipline self-control

What if I told you that there was a way to incorporate freedom into homeschool planning?  A way to blend flexibility and a well-ordered day? Big-Picture Planning gives me the ability to craft weekly assignment lists for the kids (and myself) without having to type out any lesson plans, write out lists of page numbers, or feel bound by dates on the calendar!

My First Reading Journal: developing the reading journal habit in our elementary students

Reading Journal Elementary children free printable

A reading journal is a wonderful way to develop the habit of careful, engaged reading. Even our elementary-aged children can profit from developing the simple habit of keeping a reading journal!  They will not be expected to write original thoughts, but they are forming the habit of reading with a pencil and paper nearby.