Wintry Reads

Wintry Reads, Winter Book List, Humility and Doxology

Here in North Carolina, the weather in February is always a surprise.  One day we’ll have a balmy, spring-like day.  The next, we’re shivering inside our sweaters!  Last week we soaked up as much sun as possible because we knew gloomy, chilly days were coming. Whether you’re shivering in extended sub-zero temps or surfing on … Continue reading Wintry Reads


Easy Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Easy Thanksgiving Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Looking for some simple, fun Thanksgiving crafts and hands-on activity ideas for your children? Here are 4 Thanksgiving activities that are not only fun at home with the kids, but are also easy to bring on the road as you join family and friends at holiday celebrations. Get the whole family, young and old, involved … Continue reading Easy Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Beginner’s Guide to Church History

For many modern protestants, church history (if they think about it at all) begins with those famous theses being nailed to a door, as if the 1500 previous years of Christianity don’t really count. If you have desired to learn more about church history or if you have longed to feel connected to the church throughout the ages, this post is for you!  If you have felt overwhelmed at the thought of where to start your own studies, let alone how to pass on a delight-filled understanding of their place in church history to your children, I hope this post provides a helpful place to start.