“According to the flesh”- Romans 8:1-4

What do you typically associate with walking “according to the flesh”?  Do you primarily think of external sin and temptation?  Fleshly desires?  Bad theology? Morally corrupt allurements? Sins that “other people” commit? How might you be thinking according to the flesh in your daily life?


He said/She said: a Dad’s and Mom’s Perspectives on Homeschooling

Dad. Mom. Homeschooling. Family. Advice.

What if you asked a Dad and a Mom the same series of questions about their homeschooling?  Would their perspectives be similar or different?  And what do they wish they'd known before they started?

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Printable

I don't know about you, but sometimes my kids don't seem to remember things I have told them a million times!  And when it comes to chores, nobody likes Mommy to be nagging them all the time! Bathroom Cleaning Checklist I've created a bathroom cleaning checklist to help my kids follow a simple series of … Continue reading Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Printable